Other Stuff

Lots and lots of stuff...

lead engineer / creative director / project manager

So what is this other stuff?

This is a collection of stuff I did that I still like. There's quite a bit of variety. You name it, I've probably done it.

Ok cool, so what did you actually do?

P&G Western Europe

P&G approached my company with an RPF for a product management system. The catch was that it needed to be presented to them in Switzerland within two weeks. I created the initial concept and UX flow during the 2009 Thanksgiving holiday weekend all while managing front-end development of both Sears' and Kmart's Black Friday sales pages and launching a redesign of Kenmore.com. Once we won the RPF I created the final design and ran the UX testing which included running remote user acceptance tests and oversaw the front end development of the project.

PBS Kids Shop

With only one month to build it, lead the team of super awesome front end developers that created http://shop.pbskids.org. I set team milestones, mentored jr developers and wrote quite a bit of the html / css / javascript / php code myself. My team was also created several custom sales modules and unique product pages.


Chattablocks compiles public records like highway incidents and restaurant inspections and gives the data a geographical context on a virtual map. Residents can look up hyper-local data that is relevant to not only their city, but also specific neighborhoods.

Green Cupboards

Green Cupboards is an ecommerce site built on Magento. I lead the team of designers and developers that created it. The project included multiple websites, a new IA schema and custom shopping cart code among other things.

All Aboard Toys

All Aboard Toys is an online toy shop that didn't get built, but I really wish it had.


UX Mockup
P&G UX Mockup
PBS Kids Screenshot
Chattablocks Screenshot
Ad Zones
Green Cupboards Ad Zone Placements
Website Comp
Green Cupboards Comp
All Aboard Toys Comp