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Lost Toys Rabbit Level

Lost Toys

design, engineering, project management

a 3D puzzle game about broken toys

Honors & Awards


Lost Toys is a mentally engaging 3D puzzle game of profound beauty, depth and challenge. Toys are lost, broken, or forgotten. Fixing them promises to right this hauntingly gorgeous chamber and restore the childhood innocence that has been lost.

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Barking Mouse Studio
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Reddish Icon


ux, front-end engineering

a redis visual admin


Reddish is an open-source tool to inspect and monitor your redis instances. Presented at Redis Conf 2012.

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ux, creative direction, front-end engineering

5 companies, one site

Kenco is one of the largest family-owned and privately-held third-party logistics providers in the country. They are a very innovative company and created their first website in the 90's. The problem was that their website had been added to and added to over the years without a real plan.


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Piggy Bank


design, front-end engineering

a mobile financial app

Elevator Pitch

Kala gives you friendly snapshots of your finances without any irrelevant or scary feedback. Built for people learning how to manage their finances. It helps users quickly and confidently decide whether or not to make a purchase and then move on with their day. All of the info, none of the judgement. Also none of the funding, which is just as well since I ended up making Lost Toys instead.

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Jellyfish Logo

Other Stuff


mostly UX with some front-end

Shown Above

A smattering of projects I've worked on. I had different roles in all of them, but generally some sort of UX or front-end development. Either I did it myself, or I lead the team that did it. The background is made up of a few more UX deliverables that weren't pretty enough to get featured, and the jellyfish is an another logo I designed.

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I try to answer most emails, but sometimes I miss a few. Just resend it.